About Us

During the summer of 2004 Our Promotion Department was born after one of our company directors visited Japan for the World Cup.

At that time our main business was Printed Packaging, which we imported from all over the world. We have permanent staff in the Far East which enables us to visit mills, check quality and ensure lead times.

As the years went on our Sourcing Department kept finding new, different and exciting promotional products, Which were always eagerly received by our ever increasing customer base.

Sixteen years on and TBM Marketing Ltd has been created to encompass all the experience we have gathered over the years. This is all based on our customer’s comments and knowing what makes purchasing these products easy and trouble-free.

TBM Marketing is committed to sourcing new and unusual marketing products on a regular basis giving our loyal customers the opportunity of changing their purchases from event to event.

TBM Marketing looks forward to working with our regular and new customers in the years to come, providing the full package for trouble-free purchases.

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!

We feel our testimonials confirm we have found a winning formula to keep our customers happy and loyal to our Company…