About Us

We are a small team but with a wealth of knowledge in the merchandising and import industry that spans over 30 years.

TBM Marketing will offer a personal service unparalleled in this industry.  We have permanent staff in the Far East which enables us to visit mills, check the quality and ensure lead times.

Our Sourcing Department is always finding new, different, and exciting promotional products, which we’re sure our ever-increasing customer base will love.

TBM Marketing has been created to encompass all the experience we have gathered over the years in the industry making purchasing our products easy and trouble-free.

TBM Marketing is committed to sourcing new and unusual marketing products on a regular basis giving our loyal customers the opportunity of changing their purchases from event to event.

TBM Marketing looks forward to working with our new customers for many years to come, providing the full package for trouble-free purchases.

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!